Problem with jquery and WP

Hello everyone…
I have a good issue here…

I made a website in WP and I have now a conflict with an old plugin.

That plugin is called wpdir (word press directory pro) and is useful for several reason but regretfully no one care about that code anymore.

Here are the facts:

(1) If I install the plugin wpdir correctly, WP dinamic widget in admin area will be frozen till I deactivate the plugin.

(2) I’m able to deactivate the jquery call in the plugin in this way …

// add_action('wp_head', wp_enqueue_script('myjquery', '/wp-content/plugins/wpdir/js/jquery.js')); 

(3) If I do step 2 all will be ok in WP admin area but some feature like the rating features (using jquery) in the plugin and in the website will stop to work

I understood already that the issue is a double call of jquery library and also I noted that is running 2 different version of jquery

You can check the header at

In the header of my generated page I have this…


<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script> 


<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

The question is: How can I solve the issue and solve the conflict???

shouldn’t be too difficult.

Simply look through the files in the wpdir folder within the plugins folder. Somewhere you will see that they will load that file simply coment that line out.

I did that, if you read the first line of the code, but commenting the line make jquery not work in the plugin so some feature can not be enabled.

Yesterday was able to solve the issue in another way.