Two Jquery Scripts on a WP Theme

I’m building a Wordpress theme. I’m having trouble placing two Jquery scripts on the page. I was able to get the first one bang on.

But now when Implementing the second it causing conflict and theme breaks.

The script for the second Image slider is here

If its possible can this be turned into a friendly Wordpress Script?

my theme so you can see the other script would be here

any updates?

If you have an email I can send you the CSS file that corresponds. It looks more like a Javascript issue since both Jquery sliders are prebuilt.

They’re working because the second one is using an iframe tag which I dont want to use because of SEO indexing purposes.

Is there an alternative to iframe?

They are al working for me in FF and Safari. What browser are you viewing in?

Yep, I get that. I’m just saying that you should go ahead and stick it into your page, and then if it doesn’t work we can debug it.

No it doesn’t it looks like its the JavaScript this is the slider I’m trying to integrate its found here

Ah, I see. I didn’t notice the iframe.

Hmm, I can’t see why they would conflict. As long as there is no duplication of classes etc, I don’t see what’s wrong.

It would be easier to suggest solutions if you got rid of the iframe. Let us see the page as you’ve tried to build it. This issue has nothing to do with WordPress I suspect.

Ok I just updated the theme, without the iframe tag so you can see

Hmmm, looks more like a CSS conflict to me. Can you tell what styles are not applying now that were before? It might be work putting up a separate version of the page without the slider, and check each element style in order to see where the differences are.