jQuery Script(s) Conflict

I have a slider (Revolutions Slider) in a WP site that needs jQuery to run. But the jQuery version that is currently running on the site conflicts with the slider’s jQuery script. So I removed the currently running script, and the slider works fine. But in doing so, it have disabled a popup (click the Login main menu link) that is needed as part of the functionality of the site.

Is there any way to find a happy medium and get the best of both worlds here?

You should upgrade all of the jQuery scripts your page is using to versions that work with the latest version of jQuery. If the scripts have been abandoned and only support old versions of jQuery then you need to either upgrade those scripts yourself or find alternatives that haven’t been abandoned.

I was able to finagle with it some and figured on loading jQuery 1.11.2 and changing the Uncaught Type Error issues modifying the ‘$’ to ‘jQuery’. That seemed to help a lot.

Thanks, felgall.

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