Problem with InDesign transparency/PDF export

I’m trying to export an InDesign file for a postcard to PDF. The printer tells me there’s an error with my transparency settings, but I can’t track it down. The image is a simple solid block, with an inner shadow to create a neat fade effect.

This is the error

Not sure what settings to change to make this work.


Hi versastudio, welcome to the forum,

Does the image display OK for you without trying to export it?

What are you using to export it to the PDF?

I’m unfamiliar with Enfocus inspector

Hi Mittineague,

I was on the old forums for years, but wasn’t able to retrieve my login.

EnFocus Inspector is a prepress tool my printer used to check the file, and found those errors.

I’m exporting to PDF right from InDesign using ‘High Quality Print’ setting. Some Googling showed I need to update the flattening setting, which I did.
InDesign flattening setting

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