Convert PSD file to PDF


I want to convert my psd file to a PDF ready for the printers to print. Could someone tell me the correct settings I should use, so there shouldn’t be any come back from the printers I am using.

Thanks for any help


I think you will need some 3rd party software in order to create a a generic .pdf file. ie… Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Illustrator.

You can however save a .psd file as a photoshop .pdf file within PS by going to file>save as

[/list] Hope it helps :slight_smile:

A PDF from Photoshop is still a fully “official” PDF, but just be aware that the source file still has to be high quality enough for a printer to reproduce it (vector or high resolution) and make it look good. Don’t forget about sizing the page properly for how it will actually be printed and sending it in CMYK color mode. Also be sure that all text is converted to “shape” (vector paths) or is “live” text with fonts embedded in the PDF…whatever you do, do not send rasterized text unless you’ve applied effects that require it – and never for body copy. Raster text will always look blurry when printed.