Problem with gzipped WebM in Opera?

I had a play with html5 video yesterday and I noticed that when I use gzipped (by Apache) WebM content to Opera, it grinded to halt and didn’t function anymore. When I closed it and started it up again it came up with “Opera is still closing” etc. and it didn’t come back so I had to kill it in the task manager. So it didn’t really crash, but it didn’t work either.
The video didn’t play by the way, but it did in FF4 and Chrome.
When I disabled gzip for webm files it worked fine in Opera.
I googled for this (“opera webm gzip”) but couldn’t find any relevant results.
Can someone please confirm or disproof this? Is it just my setup, or isn’t Opera able to handle gzipped WebM?

If it matters, I tried it on x64 Win7 Ultimate.

Do you have a test page with a gzipped webm video?

I’ve send you a PM with an example URL :slight_smile: