Trouble with video

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my video at please?

It works in Firefox 35. In Chrome 40 I get the audio but no video and in
IE 11 I get “Invalid source”. I haven’'t got to try it in older browsers yet.

I have used an online converter to create a .ogv version but that won’t help IE I’m thinking.


MP4s are universally recognized for all the major browsers so your MP4 itself might be corrupt. I go to the direct link of your MP4 and it doesn’t show video there so I want to say it’s something to do with your video.

Is there anyway to get a fresh version of an MP4?

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Thanks Ryan. The mp4 seems okay on my machine. I’ll try and get another copy somehow.

Well your code looks correct to me so the only logical explanation would be that you have corrupt files.

Let us know when you have updated files and we can retest :slight_smile: .

You can take a different (working) format and try and convert it to MP4. I did that recently at work and it fixed my corrupt file.

Yes, I converted the webm version to mp4 and it seems to work now. I found an online converter at which seems to have done a good job and my mp4 is half the size.

Glad it is working. I had a similar problem (a week ago actually) so I figured that might be the case.

Good job.

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