Current browser support for html5 video

I have been reading up online, and it seems that all current browsers support video in mp4.

Is this sufficient, or is it still necessary to include the webm format?

At least on android device, I meet the problem with video, you should include webm format

Okay, thank you so much for the feedback!

Here’s the specific stats:

I’d consider including multiple sources with a version for webm, ogg, and mp4 to get widest browser support.
I’ve found some older android phones that have browser support but aren’t quite capable hardware wise. An HTML5 HD video on one site freezes my friend’s HTC DesireHD.


The current “wisdom” seems to be to use H264 and WebM, which cover most bases. There are various video converters, like Miro, that can spit out the necessary formats.

Okay :slight_smile: Thx!