Problem with footer disappearing using object tag in xhtml strict


Just noticed my footer has disappeared on a fitness site I my working on for my son and was hoping someone could tell me
what I am doing wrong because it is all validating in W3c and there is a clear:both; in footer css so I am stuck.

Hi, pav.

The <object> tag is not an ‘empty’ tag. It should not be closed with the trailing slash, /> . It needs a </object> closing tag.

Sometimes the validator can be fooled :slight_smile:


Naw. We just fool ourselves. We ask the validator to check the code as if it were XHTML, but then we serve that same code over the web not as XHTML but as plain old HTML. We pretend we’re using XHTML but we’re really not.

I tried adding the full tag before I posted here and it changes nothing so still stuck unfortunately- wish it were that easy!
Actually when you add full end tag W3c throws up errors regarding it haha

I think I am going to ignore the validator completely in this case with google maps and go back to the iframe to get my footer back :wink:

That’s really odd, because when I changed it here the footer promptly appeared. In which browser is it not appearing?

You do realize that something is pushing the footer way down the page.


The opening <object tag needs it’s closing “>” before the </object> tag :slight_smile: Give that a try.

...50024" style="width:600px;height:450px;"[color=red][b]>[/b][/color]</object>

The validator detects and decides what we are using so not sure what you are talking about.

The short answer is: The validator decides based on doctype, but browsers decide based on MIME type.

The long answer:

O M G THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

pav, the problem is a syntax error with the <object> tag. The validator does not see it. It is possible for the validator to be wrong. You can write really valid code, which this seems to be to the validator (but isn’t), and it will not work properly, which is what is happening here. This code contains an error that the validator is not programmed to catch.

EDIT: :lol: looks like we cross posted. Glad you got it fixed. Sometimes the simplest things can be tricky. :slight_smile:

Thank you VERY MUCH @Jeff_Mott, for the link to the XHTML information! Much appreciated.