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I am facing a very strange problem in my blogger’s blog i.e when some people comment on my blog, I get email notification in email in real time but when I go to check the comment on post page then there was no any comment. Sometimes it shows sometimes its not, am really very confused.
Last week I use custom redirect to redirect my deleted post with new one at that time It was fine , but after 2-3 day I found that all the redirects is deleted without any notification or message or also this thing happens sometimes with Description meta tags which are given in settings option by blogger.
Is there any person who can solve this problem and guide me the right way to overcome it?

You might want to try contacting the assistance or help forum?

No, I just want to get help and views from people who are also facing this type of problem.

And I think @guido2004’s point is that you are much more likely to find them on a dedicated Blogger forum than a general forum like this.

(Guido’s link to the help forum doesn’t work for me, but you could try here:!forum/blogger)

Hmmm thanks for your guidance. I do the same and post my issue on blogger support here:!topic/blogger/oGKZm0eU-40;context-place=forum/blogger

Hope it will be replied by someone.

Suresh Kumar


Sorry about that, I copied them from the site, so I didn’t think I had to check them out :confused:

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Yes that was the idea.
Of course it doesn’t mean you can’t ask here, there might always be someone that has the answer, but in this case I’m quite sure you’ll have more possibility of success there.

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I think I have gotten the perfect answer about what I had to do… So now I want to close this topic.
But how, I don’t know???

I’m glad you found the answer. Would you care to share it with us, so others in the future if they encounter the same problem might find the solution as well?

Don’t worry about closing the topic, it’ll close automatically after three months.

Yeah sure why not… They have answered about commenting problem only…and just few minutes ago they said me to submit a report for custom redirects disappearing problem and they will give solution. They have replied in links, you can find there replies on the link which I had mentioned in my earlier comments, may be not easy for newbies to understand their reply. So, I will create a full tutorial on this whole problem commenting + redirects disappearing soon, once I will get final reply for redirection problem too… And then I will add the link and steps of that tutorial here. For all this I need time of 2-3 days.

Ah, I thought the “disappearing comments” was about SPAM comments but didn’t know.

Similar to Notifications here, the email is sent out when the comment is made, If the comment is deleted the email can not be unsent.

As for the redirects, I have a feeling this won’t be so easy as you adding to the page’s HTML.

That could open up potential abuse of Blogger (eg. create a Blogger page that redirects to an external site) and I doubt they will make it that easy for you even for legit
blogger-site/gone-page -> blogger-site/replacement-page redirects.

IMHO the best way would be to have htaccess do Moved Permanently so the dead URLs won’t be Found

Hi @guido2004, I have written the solution of blog commenting problem here, [][1]

[1]: with screenshot of each step, which will be easy to understand by newbies also.

Suresh Kumar

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Thanks for the follow up.
I hope to see you around :wink:

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