Guest Only Forum...does one exist?

Hi all,

First off, I’ve used Vanilla, phpBB, and Simple Machines…what I’m looking for is a little different and I can’t find anything to suit what I’m looking for. Now first off again…I fully understand the risk of bots/spammers for what I’m wanting to do but I’d also like to implement reCAPTCHA to post. Basically what I want is a forum without members. I will set up categories, and within each category guests can create topics, and even post pictures (hopefully videos too but not necessary). So I need a forum without all the fancy stuff. No registration, overall stats, navigation (I will directly be linking to the categories), no members whatsoever. Just the basics. Anyone know of some software like this already it? I only have basic PHP knowledge and don’t want to have to pay somebody if it already exists.


Thinking over it some more an easier way to describe what I want is a comment board where guests can actually create new “threads” and then reply.