Price Qoutation for clients

Hi all,

I know i am not normally not allowed to do this but i am wondering how or how do i calculate how much i should charge for slicing a psd layout in photoshop and converting it into html and css how much should i know some companies say depends on the page is that always true?

If so how should i go about charging for slicing of psd layouts cauclating best price and that?


I’m really not sure whether it is legal to discus pricing here.

Did you see the sticky up above?

Might also want to check out what your competition charges and take that in consideration when developing your own pricing.


i thought that would be for php and other projects but just slicing a simple 5 page website would thar be the same??

I don’t see why not - although if you’re slicing up a website it’s probably hard to charge based on value…charging what your time is worth is probably best in this case.

Have you done other projects of any kind for people before? What have you charged for your time then? I would use that as a starting point for deciding what to charge here and consider what other companies charge for their services too.

It looks like your competition is charging around $50, so you’ll probably have to stay at or under that.

is it best to do psd slicing depending on how many pages the user wants??

Obviously you’re going to charge more for a client who wants 100 pages sliced then one who wants 2.

I won’t give you a load of figures or threads or anything, but I will direct you to these two websites, if you want to calculate your hourly rate (as to what you should charge for any service) then perhaps make use of one of the tools. If you are charging based on the project, then I would advise checking your competition and matching suite (within reason). I would charge for time rather than services if you really don’t know what to estimate your value at. :slight_smile: