Old friend and Client

Hi all,

I have got a ? that has been made my wondering and that is ive got an old friend who ive had spoken to awhile in the past ive done a website for him for less than $1,000 however it was a mutually agrement but now since he is working thinking of coming back and we going to finish the website i was thinking of issuing him a contract and getting to finish his website the only question remains is the other work ive done for free hosting,domain registration and website development and modified website design layout so my question is can i ask him to pay me the deposit before we seperated and havnt talked in awhile or what do you think?

im thinking that i cant do a contract again since most of the work ive done is was ment to be paid but ive never asked payment from him so what should i do?


If you feel that he really has to pay a portion of your past expenses for the site, then ask him if he’s can - as you said he is an old friend so I think you can come to an agreement.

A MOA may best serve your concern. Just lay out all the expenses that both of you should share if he wants to be the co-owner of the site.

I am not wanting him to be co-owner but i am wanting him to take full ownership of the website can that be applied?

You just need to spell out the end game for each of you. Are you both expecting for you to hand the site over when complete? If not, what is the expectation (and agreed upon financials) and get it in writing with term limit (say 6 mos to a year to start), renewable with both your agreements.

Blame it on your accountant (even if you don’t have one, you may need to account for the money in your taxes)