What is Press Release


Can anyone please help me regarding Press Release. I have no idea why we submit a press release, is it an important part of link building?? What content we write in for a press release…what is the format???

Please help me with an informative knowledge.
Thanks in advance guys!!!


I think the best thing to do would be to shoot you to two separate youtube vids on this. (for the record I have zero affiliation of any kind with the people that produced the vids)



Here’s the thing about press releases. FAR too many people use them as an SEO tactic. That’s an “okay” reason I guess. However the BEST press releases will actually get you traffic and could even get you noticed by your own local media.

Press releases can and should be used to help spread interest in your company BESIDES the the search engine benefits they bring.

Hope this helps.

Press releases should be done intelligently. It may not a simple advertisement. You need to put any new feature added to your website to world through press. Read the structure for writing press release. If you are more serious webmaster try with companies writing and distributing press release to get better results

Press releases are official statements issued by companies and organizations to print, television and radio media. These press releases may be purely factual and address a specific issue or concern, or they may be more promotional in nature. Some press releases are generated in-house by authorized employees, while others are produced by outside public relations firms contracted by the company or organization.

Pr is advertisement your website then give your backlink your website, but Pr is different rule for different websites so before submit read the instructions

Press release is done when you to publish any news of your business , product or going to launch anything new. The press release sites results results comes very fast in Google. The press release will increase traffic of your website and enhance your brand reputation.

A press release is simply a statement preapered for distribution to the media.the purpose of a press release is to give journalists information that is usefull, accurate and intersting.

Well, I am certainly not in the favor of using PR for link building.

There are many other factors which are far more effective than PR submission.

Backlinks from PR are not very good quality backlinks.
Moreover, PR takes huge effort and results are not worth that effort.

Press release is a good promotional strategy especially if you’re offering something new. It doesnt have to be too long, make it concise and clear.

Press release is a good method, but depends on what is your website. It only useful when you have something new or fresh to release or have the need to build the reputation.

Zerro D “There are many other factors which are far more effective than PR submission.”, why not advise us the other factors that are far more effective? Thanks!

According to me, A press release is pseudo-news story, written in third person, that seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product.