Preloading Wireframe before HTML Code?


I have sen this effect randomly on a few sites and it is a good UI/UX practice. The effect is that when visiting a site it displays a quick image of the page in a low fidelity wireframe before displaying the high fidelity full version of the same website. I have been trying to search for any documentation on this but am probably using incorrect terms to search. Ideas? Thanks.

Are you sure it is the sites doing this and not your browsers tab preview feature?

I.e. these sites show a “wireframe” regardless of which browser you use

yes. there might be a browser sniffing code that is used.

I think you might be talking about Skeleton screens as used in Facebook and the like.


Yes, I didn’t make the connection. It is indeed “skeleton” preload screen.

And Discourse uses it too. If you go to the beginning of a very long topic and scroll down very fast you can see a glimpse of it before posts load in.

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Thanks for pointing me in the proper place.

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