Pre Loader

Hey I have just finished creating my site and have a few large images which I have compressed as much as possible. I’ve notice when first visiting the site the images take a while to load. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile creating a pre-loader? And if so what would be the best way of going about implementing one?

Thanking You

Adam Huxtable

You can’t preload images that are going to load when the page loads. When the page loads them, that’s the earliest you can load them. Your bg.png image is far too big. You have to try and compress that further. It seems like it’s a 32-bit PNG, when it could probably be 8-bit. Or just use GIF (as I can’t see evidence of alpha transparency).

The same with the flashy nails image. It’s huge in filesize but not very big in pixels. Try to reduce the bit depth, then reduce the png compression and at the end use something like pngcrush to further reduce it. Or since it has a photo in it, use JPEG and see what it looks like (check the nav text in the image for artefacts).

Cheers Raffles I shall take a look at all the things you mentioned.