Preloading .js files?

I have a wordpress site which uses Cufon & curvy corners javascripts.

On the initial load the site loads before the javascripts so there is a delay where it loads regular corners and text until it switches.

Is it possible to preload the js files before the rest of the site loads?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Putting the scripts references in the <head> may reduce the amount of time that your page remains rendered without the additional effects. It depends on how the scripts are written, and which browser the visitor is using.

Generally, I wouldn’t do it though. This is just a minor cosmetic effect, and you stand the potential to significantly delay the display of the webpage for some users. Most people imo would rather see the page faster, even if it less pretty for a moment.

Improvements in loading speed can be made by combining multiple images into one tileset image, then use CSS to show only part of that tileset.

Thanks for the replies. The javascripts are referenced in the head already.

It also doesnt use many images pmw57 so I dont think that would make much difference.