preg_replace with function in javascript

Hi, people!

I need to find all numbers and multiply them by ten in

I know that it can be done by php with

$text = preg_replace("|\\d+|e", "\\\\0*10", $text)

But how it can be done by javascript?

This might be useful:

Yes, thanks, it is quite useful.
But i just know how to replace with fixed string
str.replace(/\d+/g, “12345”)

But is it possible in JavaScript to replace it with function? Something like
str.replace(/\d+/g, \0*10) ?

that is very close!

But what is wrong with

str = "123";
document.write (str.replace(/(\\d+)/, "$1"*1))

Here, $1 just cannot be converted to number. It prints NaN.
Though if it is “$1”+1, it prints 1231 (as normal string).

Is it possible to convert $1 to number?