Do you prefer typical real-world job or freelance job?

I have both right now but I’m kinda curious if freelance job is that popular already that people prefer it more than the traditional corporate type of jobs. Obviously the benefits of having a freelance type of job is that there’s more freedom but still personally I feel corporate ones are still more exciting

I want to know your opinion regarding this because I’m currently surveying people for an upcoming project that we’re going to have. Also I’ve written a guest article regarding factors for searching a job and I’ve included this ‘corporate vs freelance’ factor because here in my country its really a factor. But what do you think?

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Just my thoughts :lol:

CS degree? Are you sure you posted in the right thread? :shifty:

Ah, someone I can relate to. There’s pros and cons to both routes, but I’d recommend going for the CS degree. It’ll give you a better grounding in the fundamentals of computing, give you many, many chances to extend your network, and force you to improve auxiliary skills you’ll need to run a business (writing, speech, etc).

Well, the stability of a typical 9-5 job is nice. Freelancing can be a little bit more stressful if you don’t have a full schedule ahead of you. BUT, i’d rather freelance and have more freedom than be chained to my desk.

Agreed. A job is a job. I work for myself and I enjoy working when I want to, not worrying about the clock, not having someone look over my shoulder, not being responsible to anyone but myself and my clients, not having to put up with office politics or working with people who I don’t like or who don’t like me, not having to commute, not having to wear a suit… etc etc

That’s MY real world :wink:

I feel a bit offended by this “typical real-word” job or freelance job. As if freelancing was not a typical and real-world job!

I feel comfortable with both ways: traditional corporate job or freelancing. Both have disadvantages and advantages. What I love about freelancing is that you make it happen. You are responsible for everything and hence success/failure depend pretty much on you.

What’s attractive of the corporate world is that not everything depends on you and therefore you can relax a bit more and work from 9-to-5 sort to say. A freelancer work his own ours but, for the big majority, will work more hours that a corporate employee.

For now, I’d probably choose corporate jobs over freelance ones. I love working in an environment where there are other ppl around. We can discuss business related issues, or just chat whatever. You make new friends easy; it’s the whole package that attracts me. I even like it when there’s a dress code which requires you to wear formal clothes; I love those business-women-like outfits! :stuck_out_tongue:

typical real-world job.

typical real-world to have a social life…

Personally I would much prefer to work from home than to work for a company or perhaps a split of the two where I can get a regular paycheck as well as letting my business pick up. The company I work for mainly does clients in teh engineering industry, they seem to get them as they have picked up experience in this field and are afraid to hunt for clients outside of this…so i get easily bored…

I am also by contract not allowed to freelance. However I do build websites for family members in order to keep my portfolio current, luckily my family is business minded and quite a few of them do own their own businesses.

For freelancing I like the flexibility of choosing the type of clients you can get. PLUS I strongly belive that you can get any type of client you want, it really comes down to how you market yourself and how you manage your workload and of course it would help if you outsource all the bits you dont want to or cant do yourself to help speed up the process.

Well they are my thoughts of course, many may not agree with me I am in fact quite new to the game

I also did both of them, and I’d say it’s hard to decide which one is better. Sometimes I prefer my fixed hours at the office, but I also love the freedom (and longer sleeping hours in the morning).
As for me, I’d love to have the possibility to work for some time as a freelancer, then change to the office, etc.