Prallax Effect Help

Hey guys, I am building a site using the parallax effect to have some neat depth added to the background of the site. I was able to get it to look and act the way I want it to. You can see this here:

what Is happening is now when I want to go and add the website on top of this effect, It goes under the texture. This is because I have 3 images combining to make that one background image and I have them moving at different rates. Here is the code for 1 of the images:

    $.scrollingParallax('images/back_three.png', {
             bgWidth : '100%',
             staticSpeed : .1,
            appendInFront : true


I have 1 background image, then 2 smaller images and in order to get them to show up correctly, I had to add the appendInFront, which I guess makes it so its in front of everything.

Has anyone worked with this before and perhaps have a better way of dsoing this?

Also, is there a suggestion for everything to load on the page, the way it loads now for about 5 seconds, it look out of whack and then falls into place. Im a rookie at Javascript, perhaps im doing something a little bulky?

Thanks for the help guys


OK, I was able to get the page to load as it should.

1 issue I am having is that Firefox is extremely choppy with the animation. I wonder if it is something I am doing/ not doing on my end, perhaps there is a better way to do what Im doing where it would be smoother? Anyone have any tips?

can someone check my link in firefox and tell me if its really choppy still, my firefox is very slow.

does anyone know of any ways I might be able to make this smoother in firefox? its a dream in safari and looks perfect, this firefox slow down is driving me nuts and the client wants it gone, but I have no clue why its there or how to make it smoother.

It is not suprising that it is slow. Your images are large. back_three.png is 112kb, back_two.png is 72kb, back_one.jpg is 65kb, anchor.png is 170kb and header_back is 40kb. Why not reduce the file sizes? I am sure it will make a big difference.

yeah I know they are big, any suggestions on maybe how I can rework them or something? The issue is the sheer size of them. Ive tried making them smaller but with the dusty effect, they get all crusty looking.

perhaps ill add the dusty surface as an image in of itself and try to really shrink the solid colors. Ill see how that works.