New to CSS3 need some guidance

Hey everyone, its been forever since I lasted posted. Anyways, I recently came across some websites and I got them listed below all of this, but they were amazing and I believe that it has to do with CSS3 mostly, my apologies if not. For the first site, they use a background image and when you scroll down it reacts to your scrolling and its not fixed in place, do you know what property is causing that? Then for the second site they have all these animations going on, where can I get a fresh start at learning animating for css3 or do you need JavaScript too? I’m learning HTML5 and CSS3 but nothing like this so far and I want to get a grasp of these things so I can use them on my own portfolio :wink: thanks for any help, highly appreciated.

The first site uses a “parallax” effect, which can be done just with CSS, as shown here:

It can be enhanced with JS, but it’s not necessary.

The second site is indeed using a lot of CSS3, enhanced with JavaScript. The new CSS3 stuff is pretty complex, especially as it is still evolving and browser support is patchy. I suggest you take a look at the CSS under the hood, and have a look at some sites/books that explain CSS3 in depth. is a handy resource.

hey thanks