Post your web designer / hosting HORROR Stories!

I am interested in hearing horror stories from others when hiring a web designer, or having to deal with a host. I have several, so I’ll get the ball rolling…

I had over 100 hosting accounts setup on a reseller hosting account, and was with this company for 7 years. All of a sudden, they started having MAJOR service (both technical and support) issues. Sites would go down, and the main support guy would actually become angry with me for pestering him about getting them up. Eventually, he became unresponsive. It was a massive nightmare. Clients were calling all the time, and I had absolutely nowhere to turn to get them up. It was/is my livelihood. So scary!

I ended up hiring a company to switch my entire account to another company. It took 3-4 weeks for the migration, and $1500 or so, but after a year and a half being with them, I must say I am happy as a clam!

I fortunately don’t have any recent horror stories. I have multiple designers/programmers that I depend on, as well as multiple hosting companies. Weak links are easily dismissed. Probably the worst stories I have these days are just the occasional mean person, and now I see them for what they are and am able to not let them spoil my day.

I believe that everyone who is intersted in posting such story most likely will start new thread here or over there rather then post in here. IMO