Web Designer - Hosting and Domain Dilemma

G’day, so basically my problem is i am going to be starting a web design business at the end of the year, and I am going to be targetting small businesses. These people are not likely to have a solid understanding of the process of how a website is made and then how it is put online, so everyone can see it.
So what i want to offer is a full start to finish solution where I make the website, organise hosting and also a domain.

At this stage, I have 3 options:

Hosting: Reseller hosting so that I can delegate hosting to clients and monitor it.
Domain Registration: sign the client up to a domain through a 3rd-party resgistrar, in their name of course.

B) Get a reseller package where I have a site that is run by a 3rd party for both hosting and domains. That way all the customer service is done by the 3rd party organisation and I just get a cut of the price.

C) Just become an affiliate of a 3rd party site and receive a cut when i refer my clients. problem being that i can’t set prices and have direct access to their cPanel and domain settings without permission etc.

So what do you think?

Is there an option D???

Thanks very much for your time,

I’m not sure about an option D, but personally, I’d go with either B or C.

The big problem with A is that after a year, your clients need to renew their hosting and domain registration. I’ve always found it very difficult to get them to pay on time (unless you have no problem with threatening to take their site offline if they don’t :slight_smile: )

Also, B and C will cost you less time, and you won’t be held accountable if anything goes wrong. If the server crashes or something, it’s the third party that is accountable, not you. If they buy their hosting from you (option A), then they might claim damages from you.

Better get a resseller account from any good hosting website…then register for an affiliate domain registrar from enom and integrate their API on ur website…
So the whole process looks professional to ur customers.

It would be opt if you can select a reseller hosting package from a renowned hosting company and put your sites in the hosting servers.

Also, being a designer there are few specialized hosting plans to get good revenue and reputation among the clients.

I’d go for the option that keeps yuo in control of their site / dns, and you do the changes for them.

I’ve had experience with clients ‘tweaking’ things they thought they needed, only to break stuff completely (changing MX records / nameservers “to something that looked nicer”) - if you keep all control, its only your fault things go down then.

I believe that would be much more better if you have full control over sites and over domain name registration process.
What I mean: Have reseller account and integrate that into your existing web site
Have a reseller account and integrate it into your own site.
That will make your site more functional and you will not need to spread your attention.

I would suggest getting yourself a reseller account with a good reliable webhost and setup the hosting account of your clients. This would help you retain control over their website and hosting both.

To help customers register their domain name directly, you may get an API integrated into your website from one of the big domain registrars and then handle the domain settings and whois of your customers through the domain control panel.

Please do ensure your reseller provider has good quality 24x7 technical support available.

If I were you, I think I would do the option A. cause you would have all the authority in handling all their hosting needs through reseller, plus the fact that you can generate more income in this setup since you can set the price of how much you will charge… then you can manage everything instead of having a 3rd party doing it, unless you can find a reliable 3rd party reseller, but I guess the first option would be the best, maybe you can read some reviews of some reliable reseller hosting and also check other reviews so you’ll have and idea which package would be perfect for this setup.

These people are not probably to have a solid understanding of the process of how a website is made as well as then how it is put online, so it can be visibleto everyone. So what they want to offer is a full start to finish solution where to make the website, organise hosting as well as also a domain.

Personally, I never get involved in domain names. I point the client where to register it from and have them do it. The last thing I want to get involved in is worrying about renewals, and quite frankly, there isn’t a ton of money to be made from them. I don’t consider it to be worth the effort.

For hosting, I have 2 dedicated servers that I host sites on. Only my client’s sites are hosted on these boxes and they have very little (if any) access to them.

I agree, although for different reasons. Another designer in this area had all his clients’ domains registered in his name, which was not a problem - until he died suddenly. After helping several of his former clients through the hassles of getting “their” domains back, I vowed never to risk landing my clients in the same pickle.

We think Option B is better for you. We were with a website designer till few months ago for the same purpose.

Wish you all the best.
Thanks and regards.

Wow - that must’ve been a nightmare to transfer the domains in that case. That’s a very good point to think about as well.

Buy reseller web hosting for a reliable company. Many company will give you free domain reseller. SO that you can sell domain with your brand. you will find many hosting company who will give you Icann domain registrar…