Process of Web Hosting as a Web Developer/Designer

I am fixing to launch my company <snip> and was set on reseller web hosting (Hostgator) packaged with my design services. However, recently, I think that offering and maintaining this service will take away from my focus on designing the client’s website. I welcome all of your expertise and suggestions.

  1. Will not offering hosting with my website design packages scare some clients away?
  2. What process do you use to explain to the customer that you are the designer and not the hosting company?
  3. Does Godaddy or another hosting company have a process to make it easy for the client to have control over hosting, but give access to the developer?
    (Right now I just get the client’s username and password and help them sign up at Godaddy)
  4. Will establishing myself as a hosting company suck all my time and confuse the client when there is an issue with hosting?
  5. Will not establishing myself as a hosting company confuse the client when there is a problem with hosting. How do I handle this besides telling them I am just the designer.
  6. Will not offering hosting services cause me to make less money.
  7. Will offering hosting for $100 a month not offset the cost of maintaining hosting problems with clients?
    These are a few questions I can think of at the time.

I really would like to market my company as just a web solutions company and do not really want to offer hosting. I just feel that it is necessary to offer hosting.
I also want to mention that I have one more year till I get my web design/development degree from Full Sail University. So if I choose to get a job with an ad agency down the road, I will not have any attachments as a company down the road besides completed projects for clients.

Thank you all for your time.

Most clients are not very sophisticated when it comes to hosting, in fact most clients won’t even know the difference between hosting and the website itself (not kidding). All the clients want is the website to be launched. They will seek someone who can offer them everything. Not offering the whole package will scare off all but the sophisticated clients.

However, unless your clients are asking you for a full blown web application, then taking a clients website online should hardly be of a hassle for you.
I suggest you make a development script using a package such as Fabric for Python. Using this script you can initialize, update, and and launch a full website in literally a few clicks.

The ongoing hosting costs should be be associated with their account and should have nothing to do with you. Explain them the relatives costs, and then have them sign with whatever hosting company you think best suits their needs/budget.

Website maintenance should be a separate contract.