Position:Fixed not working in IE6 with z-index

Hi all

“Position:Fixed” is not working in IE6 with z-index

the orange button on the left should be above the grey page image.

see this below link


Position:fixed isn’t supported in IE6. It automatically reverts back to position:static.

You could use a script for IE6 (JS) which makes it position;absolute; and then uses JS to give the appearence of position:fixed. Although IE6s’ user base is really so small now that it’s dead. I wouldn’t bother fixing this unless you know IE6 users are a sizable chunk for your website.


IE6 doesn’t support position:fixed at all.

The best you can do without script (or very complicated hacks) is to let iE6 have position:absolute instead and let it scroll with document.

Just place it before the fixed rule and ie6 will use what it knows:

position:absolute;/* ie6*/
position:fixed;/* everyone else*/

You should also use top:200px rather than margin-top:220px as margin will rely on the elements position in the flow before it is offset whereas as top will place it there no matter where it was.

thanks Ryan and Paul

i will try your suggestions