IE6 and background image

Having a little problem with IE6, I’m designing a site that works fine in all other browsers except IE6. The issue is that the background picture is pushing the whole website down. I’m using css to re-size the background image to the size of the browser.

This is what the the top of the page looks like in IE6, looks and works fine in IE7 & 8.

This is what it is suppose to look like

Hi, that’s because you set positioN:fixed for the <img> “.source-image”.

THe problem is that IE6 doesn’t support position:fixed so it reverts to position:static thus it’s not taken out of the flow. You would need to set position:absolute for IE6 and then give it an expression to fake position:fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you it worked.

Just need to fix all the other IE6 issues

Be specific about it and I’ll help :slight_smile:


Well I now have the content over the background picture but that has now cause some of my other elements to be fixed that weren’t suppose to be. I have the red box with a saying in it, that is suppose to go with the content under the header. It was fixed in the middle of the page in ie6, and for some reason wasn’t following my ie6.css so i targeted it in my style.css. I am using relative position on it.

Here is how it is suppose to look

Here it is in ie6 after I changed the positioning