Mystery margin/padding on IE6

Hi… I’m looking at my page in IE6 and the main content is starting about 130 pixels lower compared to in any other browser. I’m not aiming for complete compatibility, but I want it to at least not look completely stupid ;). Wondering if you can see where that is coming from and how I might negate it? I’ve tried moving it around with the margin and padding of likely elements in my ie6.css but I haven’t had any luck. Anybody see what’s doin that?
thanks in advance :smiley:

No problem :). Glad it worked.

oh man… It seemed like the changes I was making weren’t doing much :p. thanks for catching that! Also good to know what exactly was going on before. Trying to brain all this whacky css business

Actually I see you are linking to a conditional comment

<!--[if IE 6]>
<link href="http://whatisdamon.comie6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen">

You are missing a foward slash after the .com and before ie6.css which is causing the file to be a 404 which means your IE6 fix (which you already have in place :p) isn’t working.

Correct the file path.

Hi, the problem is that the fixed positioned elements are reverted back to position:static (default) becuase position:fixed isn’t supported in IE6.

Thus you have that top padding (which you use to place it) and then that gets added to the value of hte (now) static elements (for IE6)

You could use a script to emulate position:fixed for IE6 though it is a bit slow and you have to ask yourslef if it’s worth it :).

Worst comes to worse you could just give position:absolute and forget about the expression (IE6 users will just miss the aesthetical effects of fixed positioning :slight_smile: