Pop-up Windows Are Not Popping Up

I thought I did everything right but pop-up windows aren’t working…

<a href="javascript:popUp('http://www.retrocitysunglasses.com/popupfreeshipping.html')"><img src="http://www.retrocitysunglasses.com/website_graphics/header_free_shipping.jpg" alt="Free Shipping"></a>

Code can be found on this page (very first section after body opens): http://retrocitysunglasses.com/

You should use a different mechanism for triggering a popup (if you REALLY have to use them). Apart from the fact 90% of everyone will be using a browser which disables and prevents popup’s even occurring (which makes your wish to use them rather redundant), the method you are using (the JavaScript: pseudo protocol) is SERIOUSLY bad scripting. The 10% of people with no scripting available will not be able to click the link and navigate to the site as a result of you formatting the URL like that, and the 90% of people with popup blockers crippling the code will also prevent that page ever being visible. Essentially your telling people that if they don’t meet your strict requirements, they may as well go away. Any scripting you use should be unobtrusive! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. You mentioned that my “pseudo scripting” is bad scripting - do you have a simple alternative?

Here’s a good example:


Essentially you never want to use JavaScript: in links because it cripples people who can’t use scripting, have popup’s disabled and even damages the browser (as people can’t open the links in a new tab on their own wish). Scripting should be something that happens in the background (so for example you could have an external script that monitors the onclick events for anchors (using getElementsByTagName), cancels the navigation that’s set by default and then triggers the popup to the href location. I recommend reading a book called DOM Scripting (Jeremy Keith) if you want to make your scripts more user-friendly. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

No problem! Hope the info’s useful :slight_smile: