Popup window

Hai folks,

My people search engine website display results in a table.
every resulted record have a map icon.
when user clik the map icon i want to show the google map in a popup window. so i wanna no how to create a popup window that does not get blocked by popup busters.

Please Help :rolleyes:

You cannot bypass all the popup blockers. However, if you use progressive enhancement and graceful degradation techniques the links will probably still function as plain links even if JavaScript is disabled.

The only way to get around all pop-up blockers is not to force your link to open in a new window. And in most cases, that’s the best thing to do anyway, in terms of general user-friendliness.

If you do insist on using pop-ups, the best way is to have a plain and simple <a href=“whatever.htm”> link (with no target attribute), and then use unobtrusive Javascript to define the pop-up settings. That will work with most pop-up blockers, but I can’t promise that it will get past them all!

Thanks folks for the valuable comments !!!