Pop up windows

I modified a pop-up blocker with the intention of returning true to the original link if the pop up was blocked. The idea being if the Javascript failed, the html would act normally. The problem is that I can’t get the pop-up to trigger a pop-up blocker to test it.

Would you please test this link, and tell me if you can trigger the pop-up blocker, how it performs, and what browser you are on? The popup is on the “buy” button. (Please give it a second to make sure the javascript has loaded.)


Does anyone know how to force a pop-up blocker for testing purposes? I did the obvious things like making sure pop ups were enabled and clearing the exceptions from the browser.

Here is the script below. My changes are colored.

window.onload = function() {
// check to see that the browser supports the getElementsByTagName method
// if not, exit the loop
if (!document.getElementsByTagName) {
return false;
// create an array of objects of each link in the document
var popuplinks = document.getElementsByTagName(“a”);
// loop through each of these links (anchor tags)
for (var i=0; i < popuplinks.length; i++) {
// if the link has a class of “popup”…
if (popuplinks[i].getAttribute(“class”) == “popup”) {
// add an onclick event on the fly to pass the href attribute
// of the link to our second function, openPopUp
popuplinks[i].onclick = function() {
return openPopUp(this.getAttribute(“href”));

function openPopUp(linkURL) {
   [COLOR="Sienna"]var new_window=[/COLOR]window.open(linkURL,'popup','width=780,height=650');
[COLOR="Sienna"]   if(!new_window){
     	return true;
	else {
		return false;

Thanks E