Please suggest me a good affiliate program

I saw a lot of interesting offers on Zanox is also great!
Adfish - you can try finding something there as well.

Click Bank is the right choice for the " Weight Loss" niche.

Going to have to agree with enakeprimen on the Amazon and Google Affiliate programs, they’re both pretty good. If you do it properly, you’ll make a generated amount of income, but yeah give some of the other suggestions a try as well, they could help you if you put the work in, since they’d be multiple sources of income through different programs, best way is to see how each works (that have been suggested) and make a decision on the one you think is best, or do a couple/few.

Commission Junction, Clickbank and Google Affiliate Network, I’ve been using them for years and they have lots of profitable offers on health and fitness niche.

Oh, I actually forgot to recommend Clickbank, it actually has a good weight loss niche in there, and several other niches - I think I said in my previous post that you should branch out (to make more of an income), you could do your branching out throughout ClickBank - since it may be easier to stay in one place.

It all depends on where your sending the traffic and the call to action they need to take for you to earn your commission.

Theres a process to finding a good converting affiliate program, any affiliate program will convert if you take the time to follow a process in finding out what happens to be the best traffic for the program to convert

Came here looking for some good affiliate networks, still confused.

The best affiliate I know is Amazon. You can make very easy a lot of money. You have to work hard but the results will come for sure. I made a few dollars from lucky sales but also most of them from hard working.

you will actually sign up in amazon to be an affiliate? Is CLICKBANK still good?

commission junction or click bank best choise for you

Go to Clickbank
It will helps you
Or try Hostgator

Click bank, Commission junction and if you want small affiliate network then you must be join hostgator sales.
Well select your Niche relevant product from Click bank and try to sale them.

Hey congratulations! I am really fascinated… for how long?
Clickbank? is it still profitable? I am really interested in making a few cents on the side…

Try CJ and NeverBlue - they are pretty good ones with many offers to try.

theres so many affiliate program network such clickbank,commision junction and so on so i think a best niche to sell a product is health niche

Here is a good list of Affiliate Networks (150+) with some info about every one:
I am sure everybody can find a program here which matches his/her needs.