Is it possible to achieve this with Paypal?

Hello everyone.

I am trying to add a feature in my website where users can make a payment. The amount to be payed is calculated via PHP on my site, and I need to pass this value along some other variables located in my PHP, to the Paypal payment page. However, I have not been able to achieve this and it makes me wonder if Paypal even offers this possibility in the first place.

I made a diagram that shows more or less what I am trying to achieve:


Basically, I tried to insert a Paypal ‘Pay Now’ button on my site, but when the user clicks it, it prompts for payment amount input, which makes it useless for me. I need that Paypal checkout page to display the amount to charge with the variable I’m passing to it. I know that I can add variables to the button on creating via the Paypal website, but it only allows me to set static prices.

Apart from this, I also would like to know if when the transaction finishes succesfully on the Paypal payment page, do I get some sort of return value/signal that lets me know if there was a success/error ? I need this signal in order to do some other processes on my website with PHP.

I would greatly appreciate help, I’m at a total loss and I need to implement this badly for a serious project I’m working on.

See for the list of all the parameters that you can pass to Paypal.

The amount is one of the values that you are allowed to pass.

There are a couple of custom fields that you can use to pass values that Paypal doesn’t have listed - if you have lots of data that you need to assocate with a payment then store all the info in a database and pass the key of that record in a custom field so you can use it to retrieve the rest of the data.

I checked that site before, I tried sending my price value within HTML with the code given to me when I create a Pay Now button, I tried sending it as a hidden input but it won’t work. In paypal it says “Use a line break between each variable. The variables will appear in your button’s HTML code. Learn more” however the code given to me is always the same, I don’t see any change.

So if my variables are not supposed to be passed as hidden inputs within the button’s form, then how? What am I doing wrong…

<input type='hidden' name='amount' value='$price'>

The above code is inside the form code generated by PayPal. All of this code is echoed.

Thanks for this link, I will look into it.

Ok. I finally managed to solve all the above and just need to add one final thing.

After this payment I recieve from a user, I need to make another Paypal transaction to another Paypal account, automatically. Is this even possible? The only thing I can think of right now would be to call some sort of procedure in my IPN after its been successfully recieved. But do I write the procedure?

This is the final step for this Paypal implementation, help would greatly be appreciated.

You can use either adaptive payments api

or mass payment api

bear in mind a transaction fee will be incurred by either the sender or recipient depending on how you set this up

Might be a bit off topic, but if you want seamless credit card site integration (and, thus, being able to do whatever you want with your orders/data), I would suggest looking into