Please help me how to use social media meta tag!

What is the purpose of use open graph in Facebook? And how to use it?

You may find the information you need here:-


Thank you for sharing this link.

First Please Share you Platform Blogger or wordpress or html website.

Html website.

Then you may need to add these manually. In CMS like Wordpress, there are plugins that do it for you.
If you are using any server-side scripting, it may be automated that way in a non-CMS site.

Sorry Still i’m confues.
First of all tell me As a SEO executive, this open graph activity is done by me? or website developer?

I would put this under to umbrella of SMO rather than SEO. I don’t know if that is within the scope of your role as SEO executive.
Without CMS plugins it may require a little coding. Again, I don’t know if this is within your abilities, or you would require a developer to do it for you.

Actully both SMO & SEO handle by me. I’m searching a lot for this but still not clear about this.

And Thank you for spend your valuable time to guide me.

open graph is compulsory for Facebook promotion.If your site is need to compatible with Facebook write the og graph meta tags. Otherwise the post and site link does not compatible with in Facebook pages. Write twitter guard codes also help you in twitter account handling.

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