In xhtml site

You can’t to put it simply, it you want an image for social sharing on Facebook then you would need to use the special og: meta tags which aren’t XHTML valid but they allow you to supply an image for sharing your site on Facebook.

To test any changes you make to the meta values you will need to use the Facebook debug tool which clears the storage cache for your allowing the new information to be re-cached.

By the way why are you still using XHTML? :shifty:

Off Topic:

Coz it’s still perfectly valid, it still works, it will continue to do so, and HTML5 isn’t finished yet. :smiley:

Well the real standard until HTML5 is finished is HTML4! :wink:

I’m sure many people would disagree with that, but I’m not going there, as HTML4 is my preference. :slight_smile:

Well I believe XHTML users must grow up! :wink:

Tommy was talking about those that don’t know the difference between; x(ht)ml. Much like most of the people that use: <!DOCTYPE html> and then stupidly think they are writing HTML5.

Yes, he still thinks that. :slight_smile:

I am sure Tommy has that same opinion right now too!