Platforms for free content promotion. Topic: software development

Could you advise some platforms for free content promotion (not social nets). Topic: software development.

Social media is literally the best option. I suppose some alternatives could be to:

  • Guest blog on large publications
  • Become a speaker at conferences
  • Network at meetup groups
  • Join online communities

But effectively your content will still be promoted via social media, even if you’re not doing it directly yourself.


I believe guest posting is a great strategy to promote your software.

You need to choose forums with your niche. It’s a good promotion method.

But read the forum rules first, to ensure self-promotion is permitted. Some forums regard it as Spam. (Hint: Do not try to promote yourself on these forums or your account will be suspended.)


I think Guest posting is better option to promote your content. In guest posting you can mention everything related to your content freely.

Social media is itself medium of promotion, but apart of that Guest posting is good stretegy for advertise our self on online world.

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