Planning to move my website elsewhere

Hello everyone,
I’m hosting a non-profit website named pet pal - pet adoption site -
I already got the website ready (soon forum too), got my own domain name and so on.

Currently my hosting company is brinkster, they were kind to give me a mini hosting package for free, but i suffer really slow load times in the last few days and im afraid thats because their data center is located in america.
So I wanna move it to a new host.

Basicallly my 2 most important requirements are:

  1. the host should have a free or cheap hosting option for non profits, We are not able to afford high monthly payments at the moment.
  2. the data center should be located at europe or asia.

Please suggest me hosting companies here.


For the most part (places like Singapore, Hong Kong excluded), European data centres have far better connectivity and are built/maintained to a much higher standard. Look to the UK or Netherlands for best connectivity between Europe, the US and rest of the world.

When it comes to free offering or hosting for non profitable organisation, web hosts usually offer their entry level packages for free. If you want good service, you will need to pay for it. Perhaps you may find some kind of sponsorship to get funding.

Well A friend of mine suggested me iPage, but their datacenter is also located in the USA so im still wondering if i should try, anyone has any experience from that host?

nobody has any experience with that host or can suggest me any other good hosts?

Do some research on Europe / Asian based hosts? iPage are US. I do recommend Europe above Asia right now though.

Test drive 2-3 providers with a money back guarantee so you can assess who’s network is faster, who’s support is faster, etc?

Well I moved my website on a VPS with a datacenter in europe.
My website is online and running smoothly so far but ill be giving it a testing of a few days.

If your website is not very loaded, I would recommend a good shared hosting plan with cPanel , which is less pricy then a VPS…