Good small host company in USA or Europe

Hi, I am looking for a good recommended host, preferably a small firm, for my planned MediaWiki website (nothing exceptional, pretty standard, not for selling anything, it is an arts resource, so a sort of mini encyclopaedia).

Does anyone recommend a smallish firm that they are happy with? I am from the UK myself, but my target audience is worldwide, probably a combination of USA, Europe, other developed countries…

I tried with a British firm, which seemed OK, but they insisted on gathering a lot of data on me, which I could did not agree with…

For payment purposes, euro is better, but I am looking for a small and dedicated firm, who might appreciate my custom more in these difficult times…

Well, I’m using Valcatohosting on a few sites and I’ve yet to have any problems with them.

Or, you can try Hostgator.

So you need web hosting solution in UK or US is fine? In any way be sure that web hosting in US is cheaper.

I am using for my websites and for my domains. Both proved excellent to me

United Hosting are pretty good - you can choose a data centre in the UK or US.

Link: UK Web Hosting - UK Reseller Hosting - UK Managed Dedicated Servers - UK Domain Registration Services

What kind of data did they require from you? :frowning:

I have pretty good experience with United Hosting.