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Hi everybody

With some help from sitepoint (thanks paul!) i’ve got my personal page nearly finished.
The code is still a bit messy, due to several developement changes, but I think it’s time to get some feedback before going further.
Since the sitepoint category for showcasing websites is closed, i’d like to ask if somebody knows some other places, forums to ask for feedback.
Thanks in advance!

Here I would like to quote our FAQ:

Can I get my site or code reviewed?

We no longer have a dedicated Reviews forum, but you can still have your site or code reviewed. Choose a category that best suits the kind of review you want. For example:

  • if you want design feedback, post in Design & UX
  • if you want your HTML and CSS reviewed, post in HTML & CSS
  • if you want your PHP code reviewed, post in PHP

However, craft your review request thoughtfully. Posting just a link to your site and “please review!” will see your post deleted. That’s not good enough. It looks spammy.

Instead, engage with your community. Say a bit about your work, what you do and don’t like, what you need help with, why you don’t feel it works, etc. That will get a proper discussion going, and give people a reason to check out your site and engage with you.


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Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Erik.
Your suggestions are very useful to me.
I think trying to formulate good questions sometimes helps also to find an answer by yourself, if you don’t get it by someone else.

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