Working on a site for a client, seeking a code review

Hi, I’m sort of a newcomer to front-end Web development, as I just got into HTML5, CSS3, and JS starting last year, but I’m not so new that I’m not asking how to get started in the field. In fact, I’ve learned a ton of stuff over the past year that I’ve put into personal projects, but nothing public-facing, well at least until now.

I recently picked up my first client, and I was wondering if there’s an appropriate place here on the SitePoint forums to request something like a private “code review” or “QA review” so I can get some input on the work that I’ve done so far? Or are there any other places on the Web that offer anything like a private code review? I’ve seen Stack Overflow’s “Code Review” section but didn’t want to post there because my code/site is still a work-in-progress and I don’t want it indexed by Google just yet. Are there any people here that can offer a review on an individual basis?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @astv99 and welcome to the SP Forum.

Before you submit your site I sincerely hope it is responsive and also conforms to the validation tests:

Then you have some options to avoid that. E.g:

  • Upload the test site in a temporary directory. That can be done on the client’s host/server or in your own place.
  • Use an url shortener to post the site address while it’s in testing. Then remove the url redirect.
  • Post the site address here obfuscated like www_domain_com or other easy to decode.

Mind not to use hard links in the testing site, use dynamic links. Maybe temporary change root links to refer to the temp directory.

Code pages/snippets can be posted here.

Hi, thanks for the response! The site is already responsive (via media queries), and I already knew about the main W3C Validator but wasn’t aware of their CSS-only validator (which it passed after testing just now) or Google’s Mobile Friendly Test (which didn’t work when I tried it just now, so I’ll try it again later), so thanks for those links.

I was considering uploading the code to my Github even though the site’s not done yet, would that also work? I do have the site uploaded to a temporary directory on my personal domain as well. I assume either of you would be able to take a look at it if I provided the URL?

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Of course, then anyone can. (I’m not a good reviewer, only catch small details and misses the overview.)

Github would work well, as it’s likely to get more people reviewing there, than a previously unknown URL of your own - some people are naturally wary of links they’re unfamiliar with.

Welcome to the forums, @astv99.

We are happy to allow site review requests, but we do have some guidelines we ask you to follow. Please check those, and ensure you explain clearly what kind of feedback you’re after.

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