Can anyone post here? Or only sitepoint members somehow?

Hi, I’d like to ask people to review a website of mine. Do I have to be a sitepoint member somehow in order to be allowed to do that? Perhaps it’s only for people who buy hosting or servers from sitepoint?

I don’t know in which category to ask this question really. Didn’t find any about-this-forum category (like the meta categories on And the about-this-category topic is locked.

I’d give feedback to a few other people in this category, before posting my own topic.

Best regards

Well you seem to have posted here with no problem, so you appear to be a member already :smile:

I’m not sure that this particular category is the one normally used for such requests, but I’ve seen worse. Have you tried posting a link to your site already, and it’s not shown up?

Oh, and welcome to the forum (I always forget that bit)

Welcome to the forums, @KajMagnus.

Any forum member (and that includes you now) is welcome to request a review. We do have guidelines in the FAQs.

Can I get my site or code reviewed?

We no longer have a dedicated Reviews forum, but you can still have your site or code reviewed. Choose a category that best suits the kind of review you want. For example:

if you want design feedback, post in Design & UX
if you want your HTML and CSS reviewed, post in HTML & CSS
if you want your PHP code reviewed, post in PHP
if you want your SEO strategy reviewed, post in Marketing.

However, craft your review request thoughtfully. Posting just a link to your site and “please review!” will see your post deleted. That’s not good enough. It looks spammy.

Instead, engage with your community. Say a bit about your work, what you do and don’t like, what you need help with, why you don’t feel it works, etc. That will get a proper discussion going, and give people a reason to check out your site and engage with you.

And we’ll be more than happy to have you review others in return. (Look for topics using the “site-review” tag.)

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Thank you chrisofarabia and TechnoBear

@chrisofarabia I haven’t posted any topic or link yet, no.

We’re just not used to members who ask for clarification of the rules before they post…

And my apologies for the Akismet plug-in zapping your post as Spam. We’re hoping it will calm down with time and training, but as yet, it’s rather over-enthusiastic.

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