PHP vs Javascript

Do you guys think its more important to learn a server side or client side scripting language first? I do affiliate marketing primarily, so I don’t see much reason for drawing from databases. One the other hand, javascript may allow me to get creative in the kind of user experience I provide.

Well, JavaScript can be disabled or blocked with Ad Blockers and PHP doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with a database. It also depends upon what you mean by “creative” it’s hard to say really which you should actually learn first in any depth. Though PHP is more predictable in the sense it is done by the server - if you get the gist.

PHP and JavaScript are similar enough that once you have learnt one then learning the other will be easier since you will already know a lot of the concepts.

Learining JavaScript first may be easier since you can test your code on your own computer without having to install a local web serrver first. It is also somewhat more difficult in that it can work differently in different browsers and so you do need to test it in multiple browsers in order to confirm it will work for everyone (as well as testing that the page still works withot the JavaScript for those with it disabled).

PHP first may be easier because since it runs on the web server it works exactly the same regardless of which browser your visitor uses and regardless of their browser settings. It is harder because you either need to install your own local web server in order to be able to test or alternatively upload your scripts to a live web site in order to test them there.