Learn PHP AND Javascript or concentrate on one?

Hi fellow coders,

I know enough PHP to get myself into trouble and raise client expectations to dangerous levels…:wink:

I want to continue learning, branching out into OOP PHP and the MVC framework - all the advanced stuff, but I just attended a meeting on MVC Javascript and was blown away by how little I really know. It got me thinking: is it really possible to know everything? Should my goal be to learn Javascript too or should I just focus on the server end and stick with PHP?

Anyone have any experience to share with this conundrum?

Everything is possible. Do you require JS knowledge to further up yourself in the business? if yes, if you have time - go for it. It’s definitely not as complex as astrophysics and there are many many resources. You might not know every possible quirk or every possible trick but no one does.

I would learn java too but concentrate on php more.
A lot of people are disabling some java with their browsers and it shows an empty space instead of where the java would be.

A good example is firefox with ad block plus. When you turn ad block plus on, some of the ads disappear. You can even turn java off completely. Most people don’t do this yet, but it could be in the future. Like you said, php is a server side processor and you can do a lot with it. I do use some java on my sites and it works fine for me.

PHP and Javascript are very different. There are more similarities between php and Java than between php and Javascript. Javascript is different from most other languages.

I would suggest concentrate on php first, learn it well, then do Javascript. Javascript is not hard it’s just different in concepts (but not in syntax) from most other languages.

Someone who uses Java and JavaScript interchangeably is someone to ignore.

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