JavaScript or PHP?

is JavaScript is more easy to use rather than PHP?

I would say JavaScript is tougher because it is supported by many different browsers in different capacities, which means some code may work in one browser and not in another… Also when it comes to server side JavaScript is a younger technology so it has a steeper learning curve yet, and has lots of 3rd party dependencies that can make you confused. PHP is not a client side language and the code will work regardless of client environments. It also has more history and experience in the server side arena and it also has a great momentum and is evolving really fast. I would say PHP is easier


so your saying that i might use PHP on creating a Website?

Hi, yes, the server side part would be easier with PHP in my opinion. But please bear in mind you will still be having to use JavaScript on the client side, which then raises the other question: do you want to learn 2 languages or just one? I find great knowing PHP and JavaScript very well. With those 2 you will probably never lack a job

Also when it comes to server side JavaScript is a younger technology so it has a steeper learning curve yet,

I don’t think age has anything to do with learning curve. There is plenty, probably more information out there about JavaScript than there is for PHP. You also should consider the complexity of setting up a server in the learning curve, which is basically non-existent with Node.js because your app works as it’s own server.

However, asynchronous code and the overwhelming amount of libraries, tooling, and information can add to the learning curve for newbies. But you’re going to have to learn that anyway, because we aren’t getting away from JS for a while.


i want to learn that two languages… yes


There are plenty of other options for a second language, some much easier than PHP. Python or Ruby both are good choices for a beginner. You can also use Java or C#, which can both be very powerful and are used everywhere. If you have some experience you could even try Go.

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i know the language Java and c#, is phyton is a computer language ??


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