PHP resetting session ID randomly


I’m having a problem where every now and then, totally randomly, PHP resets the session ID* for one of my users. This only happens to this person, and only in one of his browsers (Safari 5.0.1).

While I tend to think that this is somehow the browser’s fault, do you guys have any pointers on what could be happening in the PHP side for this to be happening?

  • I know that the session ID is getting reset because I’m using a database-driven session manager (so I can watch the session IDs evolving in the system pretty easily)

Thanks in advance for the help.

That’s what I first thought too, but I checked in the server and they’re not being destroyed there. It really seems like just the PHPSESSID is getting reset every now and then.

I experienced php session reset issues once. Turned out to be garbage collection on the server.