Session problem


Im running my site on localhost with WAMP server
Im having a weird problem but i’ve just been updating my log in page so im guessing i’ve done something or other. (but i dont think so as most of the actual log in code is the same from when it was working)

I first noticed the problem when i was signed in as two different people - one signed in in firefox and the other in IE. As soon as i signed in in IE the firefox session changed to the person who i had just signed in in IE and so it seems that both browsers are running the same session. (they should definitely be running independant sessions?)

I took a look at the tmp folder and its naming the session sess_0 - in other words it seems its not assigning it a unique session key and im guessing thats why both browsers are showing the same session.

Anyone know why this is happening? Why is it not generating a unique session key anymore? Im pretty sure it was working fine yesterday and i really dont think ive changed anything too drastically since then…


Ok dont worry ive managed to sort it out. I restarted my computer and it seems to be working properly again. But still, have no idea why that happened!!


I’m having this same problem again… any idea why this would be happening?