PHP POST Array size limit?

Greetings. Recently a bug revealed itself on a simple data form. Upon investigation I’ve realized that there’s a series of checkboxes which post to an array just shy of 1,000 values.

Overall the form isn’t that long (approx 30 text, radio and textarea fields). The make_model_year array as I mentioned contains 990 options selected by the user (select all make model and years).

When the data is posted I only get the first 14 field values and then the array of 990 mmy before PHP finishes printing the POST values. This leaves about 15 values which aren’t seen by the handler script.

I’ve upped my memory_limit and post_max_size values but they didn’t make any difference. Is there any special limitations to POST array’s I don’t know about?


May want to check out this question/answer

Thanks CPRadio - the solution was actually PHP’s core max_input_vars - which was set at 1000. I had to login via SSH and manually insert max_input_vars=2000 in order to get things working. Not a problem I’ve encountered before but this fix worked for me.