PHP MySQL Novice to Ninja 7th edition. Need for a document with issues when downloading versions from Github

I am following this Sitepoint book. I had allready problems with the version CMS-EntryPoint-Autoload.
The Github repo needed 1 modification line.
With the next stage: C-E-Errorhandling the same problem. starting with errors. Not nice when learning new techniques.
I wonder: could I find a document with problems that were allready discovered by other for the 7th edition of this book?
by the way strange enough in the errorlines are elements of PHP7.4/PEAR???
I assume that when the 7th version is made in line with PHP 8.0 I have to read the files with at lest PHP 8.0 (I use 8,1.4 by the way)

I’m not… aware of an Errata… a flaw in the github repo would be correctable, as it’s a living codebase…

Hi @Hjvanhuffelen, I’ve contacted the author Tom about your previous problem; hopefully he’ll get back promptly. We generally use the “issues” tab on our code repos to monitor any problems with our books or the accompanying code. Currently, we don’t have any other reported issues on this book:


Hi @Simon_Mackie : the next stage "Example: CMS-EntryPoint-Namespaces generates again multiple problems.
Firtst only a server 503 error. After fixing some things I got it to a half functioning situation: "Home"is correct. Joke list/edit button: correct. Delete button: doing its job but giving an error line.
"Add"is not working and gives an fatal PHP error, due to passing an invalid amount of parameters.
My suggestion: I would like to be linked to Tom direct to solve the problems ending in a non error situation.
I preferably do this offline. There seems to be a lot not functioning, not nice to discuss in a large group.
Also not nice to encounter them in your own learning strategy.
You approached Tom, I did already twice(first last Friday). But no reaction. (Which of course can be imagable (I myself have mild Covid19 at this time). One can be ill :))

OK, please chat with Tom and we’ll update the book as needed.

It looks as if I need you to help me, start this offline discussion.
I am just (“only”) a user with problems…
There was no response until now (wednesday 15:00 hrs Amsterdam time).
TXS in advance

Unfortunately I can’t help you with that; book authors are not required to provide individual tech support for their books. Tom has certainly helped out many readers of his book in the past on this forum, but I can’t gurantee that he will reply quickly. He may be busy or have other stuff going on. You can try contacting him directly through his contact form: Or his Gitter forum:

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