PHP and MSSQL Hosting options

I need a hosting solution that allows for PHP to talk to a MSSQL database (on the same machine). I know that you need to install the Microsoft MSSQL driver to allow for that but was wondering if there was a hosting option out there that already has those working together OR if there is a hosting solution where they’ll configure that for you (I don’t care if it’s an extra cost).

You’ll need to look for a Windows host that does support PHP, there are a few of those about, however the costs of Windows tend to be higher than Linux for the same (due to the licensing)

Microsoft azure cloud hosting can do this though I think you need a separate database and web hosting virtual machines, not both on the same one.

Yes, you will have to consider a Windows Hosting platform which usually supports PHP - MSSQL. Can you please let us know the space required and the size of database you wish to host. Also help us with the server location you wish to have.

You can search for the windows hosting provider which support PHP and MSSQL on same server . This would be the best option for you.

Microsoft azure cloud hosting can do this . good vps

Yep, I agree. Microsoft Azure will definitely do the job. Go on customer review sites to know if there’s a hosting solution for the same.