Windows Azure and SQL Azure - feedback


Just wondering if anybody has experience with Windows Azure and SQL Azure. We are quite interested in trying them but want to know what others think first.

Also, does it mean that we no longer need hosting companies to host our sites?

Thank in adv

I have no experience with it. I believe that you still need web hosting, however, Azure lets you borrow a LOT of extra processing power when you need it.

You still need to host it somewhere, just your host is the microsoft cloud rather than some rinky dink outfit. Also lets one scale up easier than most scenarios.

Yea, as wwb said. You host with MS Azue. Your website and db with Sql Azure. It will automatically scale up. I have also been looking into giving it a go. Their rates do not seem bad at all. Considering the costs of SQL Server.

From what I have seen so far the challenge is the database. You cannot just straight convert a SQL Server 2005 or 2008 database to the Azure SQL. If I were writing a new application I suppose one of the best approaches would be to design the database for Azure right from go.

There is a good podcast here on SQL Azure you may want to listen to.
dotnetRocks - Podcast 512