Photoshop Question - Swatches

Hey everyone.

So I was wondering - if I download a swatch file from Kuler, how do I stick it into Adobe and use it?

A tutorial w/ pics would be nice - preferably Windows.


Hey Yoyo, I wonder if this is of any use to you? :scratch:

Helps, yeah. Noticed it after doing that…

I’m kind of wondering how I might create a whole new palette - that is, how do I create an entirely new set of colors in Photoshop and then add my swatch file into that?

If you right click the panel drop-down menu in the right corner, there’s a list of maybe 40 or so pre-set color combinations…how do I create a new preset?


Not sure if you’ve found a solution yet Yoyo, but perhaps Load your swatch in instead, it’ll add it to the preset? There’s instructions in this link as well as creating a custom swatch/palette from scratch.

No, I’m alright. I got the question answered by an Adobe Staff member on their forums.

Seems I had to do something along the lines of putting stuff in specific folders and thengettingsomeweirdpresetmanagerthinganditwasreallyconfuzzlingbutireadthehelpguideanditworksnowsodon’tmesswithit!


Cool cool! The joys of Photoshop :hangin:

Yup. Did you see the new Beta of CS6?


Yeah I did, it looks great from what I’ve read so far; I’ve yet to download it as I just haven’t had the time to leave it to download in full, perhaps will do that this weekend. I was surprised to see the incorporation of a dark UI but I guess I’ll get used to it, I’m light sensitive anyway :rofl: There’s a few photography additions I’ve been reading about too which look intriguing to me. Have you been using it yet yourself?

Just long enough to put out my review of it. I haven’t done much with it after that because…I don’t know, it was just easier for me to use my copy of CS5. My favorite part is the Kuler integration. And the info next to the cursor :smiley: Very useful, imo.


Off Topic:

Downloaded it at my school, where we get corporate-speed internet. :smiley: I think you’re jealous of my 1.7GB in 15min. speeds :wink:

Ooh, nice review Yoyo :tup: I had to laugh at the “ugly” icon part… I must agree with you, what were they thinking? :nono:

I’ll download it this weekend and see what I make of it, shame about the time limit :-\

Off Topic:

You think right :lol:

Thanks a lot :smiley: I know - I was equally depressed about the Windows 8 icon…did you see it?

I was wrong about Kuler - Kuler is included in CS5 (at least, extended version - that’s what I have).


Don’t make me shudder, of course I saw it, I’m trying to forget…bring back the 95 icon please :lol:

LOL, I know. Oh well. What can you do?

Note: We’re kind of getting off topic. Since this is in the Graphics forum anyways, let’s start a new discussion:

Did you like the Windows 8 logo? If not, what would have done to make it better? If so, what did you like about it?


Yes indeed, how naughty of us! :eek: But I guess it’s still tied into Photoshop, perhaps MS used PS to create their stunning new logo… :smiley:

Maybe make a new thread so others can also join in, if the question hasn’t already been asked that is…I don’t think many would see it here anyways and we might get a better input rather than just u and I or whoever else might stumble in here! Just an idea! :slight_smile: